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Health & Travel Certificates

Are you traveling out of the country with your pet? If so, plan in advance! Schedule a visit to obtain an International Health Certificate for your pet as soon as possible.

Traveling With Your Pet?

Your pet will need a federally accredited veterinarian to issue a Certification of Veterinary Inspection before your trip. We can help! The doctors at Pure Paws are federally accredited to check your pet for specific animal health regulations that keep all members of society safe. Take a look at specific USDA pet travel regulations that vary depending on your destination. Plan ahead to prevent travel delays and any other inconveniences!

We will comprehensively check your pet to make sure they are healthy enough for travel, disease-free, parasite-free and up-to-date on vaccinations before we complete a certified health certificate. You can fill out our Travel Certification Form before you come in for your appointment.

Many airlines require a health travel certificate for your pet within ten days of travel. For this reason, planning is essential. It is ideal for you to bring your pet in the passenger cabin with you. However, this is not always permitted. If your pet needs to travel in the cargo hold, make sure the area is pressurized for their safety. This is extremely important as the cargo hold can become dangerously hot and cold. In addition, try to book direct flights to make trips less stressful for your pet.

We are also accredited to fill out domestic health certificates.

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